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The potent foot strength exercises featured in The Cool Impossible use a custom designed slant board and balance disk.  These unique pieces of equipment are designed specifically for proper fore foot placement and are portable, allowing you to perform the exercises literally anywhere: home, gym, track, pool, travel, etc. 

The FREO Slant Board is custom designed with durable plastic construction with a unique center wobble, that creates an unstable and dynamic challenge while balancing on the various angles of the slant and performing the exercises.



The FREO Stability Disk is 5 inches in diameter, allowing for precise foot placement while executing the dynamic foot and leg strength regimen detailed in The Cool Impossible.




Featured in the bestselling book Born to Run, coach and performance guru Eric Orton has spent a lifetime learning and thinking about running and about the limitless possibilities of the human body and mind. In The Cool Impossible, Orton shares his wealth of knowledge in an inspiring step-by-step guide that will open up a new world of achievement for runners of all levels of ability and experience.

The truth is: Athleticism is awareness.

That simple phrase is at the core of The Cool Impossible. Athleticism requires awareness of form, awareness of technique, and awareness of what we think (and don’t think). With this awareness comes the possibility of endless potential, progress, and mastery—and, ultimately, achievement that you never before would have thought possible.


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