20 Minute Run Test

For those that are interested; I again performed the 20 minute run test on Friday night at the same place as I performed my initial 20 minute test 11 weeks ago but this time in the dark. By the time I had returned home from work, changed and headed out it was all but dark. I drove to the local oval, a different one to where I did the Mile test, put the light on my head and started my warm up as per the Strategic Running Program.

By the time I had completed the warm up it was dark and with no lights on at the oval or club rooms and the few street lights in the area shielded by trees and distance it was Black! Again I ran the test in my B2R Trail shoes and they felt great. I ran around a loop that is about 800M of gravel except for 25 metre's of concrete path behind the club rooms. I focused of form and breathing trying to be as controled as possible while as I ran as fast as I could.

After a while I forgot I was wearing a head light as I focused on the path, my form and breathing. Then on the last lap, with about a minute to go, I tripped and stumbled on the leading edge of the concrete path behind the club rooms, I had misjudged the shadow cast by the paths edge. I almost fell but managing to stay up right stumbling around loosing my rhythm which I never quite regained for the remainder of the run. When I finished the 20 minute's I thought of doing the test again the next day, but then thought, just as in a competitive run or while training you just don't know what may happen and coping with it not allowing it to have power over you is so important. So the test is what it is.

In the end I ran and stumbled :-} 3.91km in the 20 min, a 400m inprovement, my average HR fell from 164 to 159 and my average km pace fell to 5.07' from 5.21'

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  • That is awesome Robert! It must be great and really uplifting seeing the benefits like that. Great work!
  • Chaaaching! That's huge!
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