Bring it on

Ok, lesson learned. Plan for recovery. Note taken. Took a first run since two weeks back. Just to see what it feels like in my calves. Just a short, slow 3,5 km. Warming up with Erics slant board excercises. (Have I mentioned that I really appretiated your book?!) Writing this a couple of hours later and the feeling is ok. I'm really going to do as you recommended in my last post.I've had some time to think about my cool impossible for next year... So I'm looking forward to running injury free, completing Erics program in the CI, fully transitioned to a forefoot strike and take at least one of my runs with my wife. AND next autumn running Lidingöloppet, a 30k crosscountry race. I havn't raced before, as I like to run solo, competing against myself and clearing my mind, so this will be a new challenge.So I'll be seeing you out there the next couple of months.CU
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