Cool Impossibility

These CIs are going to seem terribly tame and mundane compared to some of the inspiring examples already posted. But as Eric says in the book, the real point of the CI is the process of getting there, not the actual accomplishment. So I plan to just concentrate on the process and let the accomplishments take me by surprise (at current rates of speed improvement, in six months I'll be completing a 10K before I've actually started, which would surprise everyone!).

So, for 2014, I want to stay injury free and complete both Phases of the running program in the CI book. I've started various Eric programs 5 times now, and not completed one, because I break down at some point. Not this time. Not this year. I also want to run with my wife at least once a month. Living in the middle of nowhere with 3 small children makes this a real challenge, but we both love running together. This year it's going to happen. And in all this running, I'm going to relish every forefoot strike, every knee drive, every glute engagement, because I know of no other activity that makes me feel so alive. And just to stick a number in for the hell of it, I'm going to break 6 minutes for the mile before Lori... ;-)

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  • I had a 6:01 mile test a year ago, but my most recent was 6:20+, so sounds like we'll have a healthy tight competition!
  • OK, Lori, just so you know what you're up against! My PB for the mile is 6 minutes 10 seconds, but that was over ten years ago when I was still in my 30s, before I had kids, and when I just ran all the time. Looking back, I ran very badly, heel striking/all muscle/no elasticity kind of thing, but still... My mile test of 7 weeks ago, at the start of Phase 1, was 6 minutes 20 seconds (and it was before I bought my amazing Garmin GPS watch, so I have grave doubts as to whether it was a full mile...). I've not run a mile since... but 6 minute pace (Speed Zone 7) is feeling comfortable and relaxed - at least, for the one minute it lasts!. How about you?

  • I LOVE IT!  BRING IT!! Can't wait to see who breaks 6 min first!!! Love the challenge. Great Cool Impossible! Keep us posted on your progress! 

  • This is AWESOME!!  Speak it, then let it go and …. LIVE IT.

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