I badly need to improve my eating habits. Food is my weakness! I want to do the twenty-day sugar detox; does the detox include artificial sweeteners such as Stevia? How about gluten-free? Is this a good diet for runners? And how about beans like kidney and black, is it okay to eat them if they're canned? I've always heard you should eat fresh, frozen, then canned if you have to. If anyone has any suggestions to nutrition, I would greatly appreciate it! 

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  • Lori, thank you soooo much. This is exactly the advice I was needing! You're great!
  • ooh, and I DO highly recommend doing the detox! The best way to get rid of those cravings and get your taste buds back on track is to completely eliminate it from your diet for a period of time. Get mentally prepared and clean out the cabinets before you start. Plan for what you are going to eat instead and when cravings occur. The cravings will subside significantly after 7-10 days. And don't worry about healthy fats...these will increase in your diet and should! ...avocados, coconut, nuts, seeds, they will help fill you and are a great source of the kinds of fatty acids your body needs. I use hemp seeds in my smoothies and eat lots of almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios.  Hope this helps.

  • Keep in mind I am giving you only my OPINION. I have done a lot of homework though ;)

    Stevia is probably the best artificial sweetener..BUT part of the problem is the creates craving for more sweetness...and dulls the tastes so real foods that are naturally sweet don't seem so sweet and tasty. Get rid of all the sugar and its imitations and all REAL food will taste better and you will develop cravings for whole foods. I ate very little fruit and especially vegetables before I changed my diet and I swore I hated most.  Now I love most and am finding more and more I like. Sugar and even products with artificial sweeteners make me feel yucky....and yes sometimes it's worth yesterday!! But I do pay for it with hours of lethargy, foggy, and even achy. When I cheat and let sugar creep in, my cravings for healthy foods go bye bye and my craving for more sugar increases. Personally, my diet is about 80-95% sugar free most of the time. I consider sugar and flour (all kinds) the same. I do eat beans, but not often, I avoid grains as well- My diabetes responds equally the same to white flour and wheat, whole grain...etc. I eat tons of fresh fruit and vegetables, oh and nuts! I eat lots of nuts...nuts are my snacks typically...sometimes I'll throw a few dark choc or m&ms in...just a few. and when I cook I use lots of coconut oil or olive oil- just my pref. I saute a lot, steam, roast, grill vegies. I don't boil em if possible. I make smoothies some using egg protien. I eat eggs and lean meats, but try to make most my servings plant based. I allow a little sugar here and there...sometimes a little in my coffee, or a few m&ms in my nuts, or once in a while a cookie or a brownie...but really try to keep i tvery minimal. Now...I do use gels, sport drinks, etc to fuel when I race and on long runs...just during the runs. and I will allow more the night before or the morning of any long run more than 2 hrs. I don't have a philosophy or a diet I hold on any pedestal...this is just what I have found works for me over the past 2 years.

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