"This is why we race...."

Starting to visualize my cool impossible for Boston. Nervous excitement? or just nervous? 3:29, that...or less is what I want to see on the clock when I cross the finish at Boston. Just typing that sends butterflies up my chest and into my throat. Is it possible? I don’t know for sure...since I think it might be possible it’s time to stop fretting, calculating paces, splits, looking at past performances, workouts, heart rates and just start visualizing. Can I see 3:29 as possible...more importantly...without expectation? A wise coach...whose name starts with an E...and wears funny shoes, says, “This is why we race, to see what we can do. If there was a guarantee there would be no purpose”.
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  • 3:23. Boom baby! Thanks coach. Cool impossible #1....who says you only have to have 1?
  • The Cool Impossible:  A goal pursued by dreaming beyond fear and living beyond limits.


  • You make my brain hurt coach! ....in a good sort of expanding against my cranium kinda way.
  • I think 3:29 is possible.  What is impossible - with no expectations??  make it a game.  Great post.

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