To Let Go

Yesterday I was strength training with Eric and was reminded of the importance of letting go and "just doing".  It was the end of the session and he had me do one arm presses.  Normally Eric gives me an exercise and I ask "how many reps" and then do them.  This time when I finished Eric said, "8 more," then "3 more," then "5 more".  He kept going.  At first I was surprised, then angry, and then I stopped thinking and just did them.  This exercise took my focus away from "how many" to "just doing".  It forced me to "let go" and stop thinking and worrying and because of that I was able to do 3 times the number of reps that I normally do. The lesson= GREAT things can happen when we DON'T listen to our thinking.
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  • Great post, needed to to be reminded of that myself.


    Bobby G.- that was one-armed presses, overhead with a weight :) Still impressive though. :)

  • One arm push ups, wow, impressive. I need to try those.

  • That IS so true!!! All our limits are in our heads!!! But once we're able to silence the litle voice we can do ANYTHING! We just need to know and believe it!
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