Week 1

Today I ran home from work, which is just shy of 10km. Never run that far (properly) before, it took about 45 minutes. Physically, the insides of my calves feel pretty done in and I'm not sure how much actually walking/standing upright I'll be able to do tomorrow, but mentally I'm feeling really pleased with myself. I've been stretching out as much as possible and if I'm not too bad over the next couple of days I'm going to start running back from work more often.

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  • Thanks dude - the Bideford 10k is starting to look scarily like a possibility! Thanks to icing up the ole legs last night, I'm also actually pretty alright today, so thanks again Barbara!

  • Dude! Nice to see you so inspired!
  • Thanks Barbara, I'll get some ice out now and hope it's not too late! I used to cycle about 13 miles to work, then back again (I used to live a bit further away), leaving my work gear at work - after about six months of that I was probably the fittest I've been, so I can recommend it! Now I just want to see if I can translate that fitness to running (which I've been absolutely terrible at in the past)!

  • Way to go Ben...as for the calves..been there..and my only advice..is get some buckets of ice and stick your legs in them :)... best advice Melinda on here ever gave me...I recovered quickly and they haven't hurt since. Super jealous you can run home from work...! I've considered biking the 17 miles to work and then home from work once the weather gets better..I've got a laptop and work clothes I'd have to tote back and forth! But what a great way to stay in shape!

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