Coaches are always faced with choices. You can take the familiar route and do what you have always done, following the crowd and yielding to conventional wisdom. It’s easy, and there’s no risk involved—unless you consider long-term stagnation a risk.

My approach to endurance run training is a bit different. I use conventional wisdom as a starting point and proceed from there to develop innovative training programs for runners who want to turn their potential into desired results.  This is an authentic custom approach based the individual (YOU!) athlete's needs to succeed. 

But my approach to training is more than just change for the sake of change. Being innovative keeps me alert and involved with the latest research and applications of scientific training principles in combination with my 24 years of full time online coaching and a lifetime of personal athletic competition.

I work with winners, beginners, and all those in between. The common thread, a big goal.  Your ability doesn't concern me, your goal does. This is what drives the day to day purpose and gives us direction. 

My pledge is to help you improve by providing the tools that will make you better—faster and stronger than you ever thought possible. I can help you cultivate speed, endurance, power and strength. All you need to supply is the intrinsic desire and drive towards your race goals.  

 Things To Know:

  • I coach winners, beginners, and all those in between, what is most important to me is the passion and motivation you have for running and pursuing a dream run goal - The Cool Impossible.
  • I work with runners located around the World and for all distances, but specialize on marathon/trails/mountain/ultras.
  • My coaching approach is designed and works best for those runners who have a very specific, long term race goals.  
  • All of the workouts are assigned by heart rate, pace, watts, and percieved exertion, so you would need a heart rate monitor and GPS, so we can track miles, pace, and heart rate.  
  • Each training phase is administered in four week training blocks and is posted online where you would have a username/password to log in and view your workouts and have your own logging system for my review.  
  • During the coaching process, you and I will have ongoing email/messaging coaching interaction to help answer your questions and to guide your training.  
  • I do not require a long term financial commitment, but do select those runners who are committed to the long term training process and passionate about their goals and will take this into the selection consideration. 
  • I am always looking for athletes who are a good fit for my coaching.  So be proactive in your interest and allow for at least a 5 month coaching window before your big race

Personal Coaching Fee:

  • $200 per four week training block for Marathon and under.
  • $250 per four week training block for Ultra Marathon distance.

What Next?

If you are interested in Personal Coaching, please drop me an email at and fillout my  Athlete Profile Form and include it with your email.  


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