Eric Orton has spent a lifetime exploring human potential and the limitless possibilities of the body and mind. As a performance wizard and world-renowned running coach, Eric performs online coaching and consulting for both age group and elite runners. And he travels the World speaking and performing clinics on running.

Eric was part of a handful of coaches who pioneered the online coaching industry and has operated his run coaching business for the last 24 years helping Olympians, professional, and age group athletes.

His study of ancestral cultures, like Mexico’s legendary Rarámuri ultrarunners, has made him one of the foremost authorities on running, evolutionary biomechanics, and human performance; and the go-to coach for athletes everywhere. 

Eric earned international notoriety as the coach of Christopher McDougall, a relationship that served as the foundation for McDougall's worldwide best selling book, Born To Run and Running With Sherman.

Together, McDougall and Orton created the “Free Seven,” the unique approach to running at the heart of their latest best selling book, Born to Run 2: the Ultimate Training Guide.

Eric’s best selling book, The Cool Impossible, has been published in 7 languages and in 15 countries to date, and teaches strategies for dreaming beyond fear and living beyond limits.

He is the former Director of Fitness at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.









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