Personal coaching can take your ability to the highest level with customized training solutions constructed to meet your unique needs. As a coach for over 24 years and after coaching hundreds of athletes from pros to those just getting started, I can tell you that what matters for 95% of athletes is the effectiveness of a comprehensive training plan.

If you are training for a race or looking to improve your running, you likely realize you need a training plan to get you there. As you look about for a solution, you are presented with several options: personal coaching, consulting, my books, or one of my training plans.

My training plans are a product of my experience as a runner, coach, and most importantly, designed from coaching individuals to 100 mile podium finishes to running their first ultra marathon. The training plans are a great, self-guided approach if you are not ready for personal coaching at this time.

The programs are administered thru Training Peaks software and can be found HERE.

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