After reading The Cool Impossible, I have realized that there are many similarities between reading and running. For those who have not read The Cool Impossible, Eric brings his readers to Jackson Hole where you visualize running in the mountains while you dream about your next adventure.  The difference between his book and others is that he gives you the tools to accomplish your cool impossible.  

Reading allows me to unplug and loose myself into the readers world.  Many of the books that I read make me think well after I put the book down.  I like to read books that are in unique settings or have a message.  Running is very similar.  I run to loose myself.  I know its time to end my run when I start thinking about what I need to do in my everyday life.  I also run to explore.  It doesn't matter if it's the same route that I always do or a new trail, I can always find something new about my run.

Don't let running be like the stack of books on your bedside table that you don't have time for. Or the string of books that haven't been that good and discourages you from diving into your next book.

In 2014, I will continue to explore the world  through reading and running.  Both stimulate my adventurous side.  They allow me to loose myself and dream.   This year I will be visualizing, dreaming, and training for my next adventure in Madagascar.  I will be traveling across the world and exploring a land that is unfamiliar and exotic.  

What are some of the books that inspire you?

Here are a few of mine- Seven Years in Tibet, Unbroken, Shackleton, The Power of One, and The Alchemist.  And of course The Cool Impossible.  If you want to know my story read the last chapter!!!

Happy New Year

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