Long Beach, CA


July 3

How many years have you been running?

15, but stopped for 8 years because of back surgery (minimal invasive)

What is your goal race for the year?


What is your greatest running accomplishment?

18 miles / 2 h 23 minutes

What is your "ultimate dream" running goal?


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  • michel, best of luck tomorrow! im also running, heading out to the expo in about 30 min. if you see a 6'6 baldish mexican, be sure to say hi! hope you have an amazing race
  • Cool, best wishes this weekend on your marathon! I had a friend that was training for a 50mile event and asked me to train with her. I had not run more than a 15k prior to that. I did the training with her and ended up running the 50 with her as well. About that time I had read the Born To Run book, and thought how cool it would be to run 100 miles, to run Leadville. I figured why not? Trails have really become my passion since. I've played with all distances and love them all, I'm always looking for a new challenge and Moab 240 will definitely be challenging! I hope to make it back to Hardrock and finish that beast. I pulled the plug at 60miles last year.
  • I felt quite the same way when I signed up for my first Leadville. I lived in Oklahoma at the time and really had never even stepped on a real trail. I had a single dirt road 100miler under my belt. You might look at my blog posts from 2012, that was the first year I did it. Totally trust your training, you will be able to do it if you put the training in. Eric knows what he's doing with you. I would highly recommend getting out there before the race, like a month or two pre-race to feel out sections of the course. Happy to answer any questions you have as you go along.
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