Tahlequah, OK


March 31

How many years have you been running?

Intermittently for 22 years, steady for 3

What is your goal race for the year?

San Juan Summer Solstice 50 and Leadville 2013

What is your greatest running accomplishment?

Finishing Leadville 2012

What is your "ultimate dream" running goal?

not sure yet!

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  • Hey Lori, that's sounds great, I'm really looking forward to it.  Assuming I survive The Rut! :)

  • Thank You so much Lori! I am pumped and ready to go :) I used to run, but stopped (minimal invasive back surgery) and then never gotten back to it. So I went from size medium to large, to XL and XXL. Last year I saw myself on photos at my mom's birthday and I was like "OMG what happened?" Back home, I started brisk walking every day. Then I got my hands on Born To Run and had the exact same thought: "100 miles, Leadville, why not?" Most interestingly I could always see myself running there and never doubted once that I won't get it. I am all for challenges myself and just looked up the Moab 240 – looks amazing! Just the nature alone seems worth the effort. I definitely will be cheering for you in October!

  • Leadville will be my first 100 miler and I totally trust Eric and my training. So far he has worked miracles; less than 7 months ago I wasn't even able to run a quarter mile and Sunday I am off to my very first marathon. Getting to Leadville before the race could, but may not happen. However, I did book a room a week before the start, so at least I'd be able get acclimated a few days before the race. Most likely I will have tons of questions, from wildlife, over trail markers, to river crossings, how to get shoes dry and which ones to wear and many more. Of course I am always interested what made you go out and run 100 miles.

  • All the best for today Lori, thinking of you champ.
  • Good luck and best wishes for The Rut on Saturday, I'll be sending you good vibes and positive thoughts.
    Run Free Lori
  • Now that your a media star do I need an appointment to talk to you or do I need to speak to your people first. :-}

  • Thanks, Lori! Hope your training for Speedgoat is going well. I looked at the ascent profile for the course...wow!  11,000ft!

  • Lori your support and encouragement means a lot, I'm no where near your lofty heights, but one day .. you never know, thanks again.


    It must have been the good vibes and positive thoughts being sent to you from the other side of the world, LOL :-}}

    Your success is all yours and so greatly deserved you are an absolute insparation, a credit to yourself and your family. THREE CHEERS, KUDOS LORI

  • Best of luck this weekend! You've got this!!! :)

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Above pic: Me on left and Alison Miller on right just before the start.
Considering I only made it 21 miles on the course, this should be brief, but you know me better than that by now. Todd was supposed to join me on this adventure, but last minute need to be…
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Bryce 50 Mile Race Report

"To give anything lest than your best is to sacrifice the gift" ~Steve Prefontane


She looks nothing like a champion.  Exhausted, depleted, dehydrated.  You could probably tip her over with 1 finger. But she's a beast. She battled mountains…

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Cruel Jewel 100 race report part 3 - Day 2:

My watch died before midnight, so I had no idea what time it was. The moon had disappeared somewhere behind the canopy of trees and I was now heading down what seemed like a long steep trail to the Weaver Creek Aid station. I was still being attacked intermittently by gnats. I felt like I was descending into the depths of the earth....or possibly hell. It felt surreal to be going down, down, down in the dark depths of the forest. This was some of the trail, only now it was pitch black....…

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10059104862?profile=original My goals for the night: Stay steady, get in and out of aid quick. Eat more food, use caffeine at dusk and dawn. As the sun began to set I began to feel a little lazy. I popped 2 pieces of caffeinated gum and continued to eat bites of sandwich and drink water. The thick green canopy was starting to glow with the sunset, and the bright orange orb was visible intermittently…

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Cruel Jewel 100 race report part 1:


I chose this race for the sole purpose of getting another Hardrock qualifier. This was definitely the hardest qualifier I have done. We started at noon on Friday. The temps were already in teh low 80s with high humidity and almost no breeze. My goals for the first day, 1. Keep heart rate down and feel “too good” at the top of the climbs 2. Run the downhills easy,…

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Ouachita Trail 50 mile race report


This race is directed by Chrissy Ferguson. Need I say more? She is a powerhouse and puts on top notch events. The MANY volunteers were awesome. The weather was extremely challenging, with almost constant rain, very heavy at times, wind, and temps in the low 50s. I don’t know how they kept from freezing to death waiting on us for hours…

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Hardrock 100 race report


Sitting at Grouse aid station, mile 59, I see that line again. I see it in front of me, kinda like a mirage. Imaginary, but real, tangible but elusive. Like the end of a rainbow or the floating heat waves off of a hot highway. You squint to see it clearer, drawn to it. You want to chase it, touch it, but you can’t…

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Jemez 50 mile race report



This was a “training through” race. My big race is Bighorn 100 in 4 weeks. The goal was to have really good focus in this race, to do well, but not go out too hard and have to recover much in the days following the race. I need to be able to put in another week of high mileage, quality work for Bighorn after Jemez. I won't have…

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Snake Run Race and Inner Demons


Tulsa Area Trail and Ultra Runner’s (TATUR) Snake Run is timed event. There is a 3 hour and 6 hour division. The goals is to run as many miles, all on single track trail, as you can in the time allowed. The course is a 3.75ish loop, with 1 smaller 0.5 mile optional loop to run around. The course is relatively flat, mostly…

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