How many years have you been running?


What is your goal race for the year?

50 Miles

What is your greatest running accomplishment?

Half marathon

What is your "ultimate dream" running goal?

100 Miles

Finished first Ultra

After my failed attempt in April I finally found the guts to try again, this time with a better understanding of what it takes to run so far. 

This time it was a 70km trail run through the forest out onto the coast through beautiful country. The day was perfect, light rain as we hit the start line and then clearing up during the day.

This time I had no watch on and just decided to run by feel. Sometimes I feel like the watch stresses me and I keep looking at the time and heart…

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50 Miles defeated me

Well it was race time on Saturday for my first ever 50 mile attempt and I woke up to the worst snow storm and could not believe my eyes. There was heavy snow falling and on our way to the race there were cars stuck on the road and traffic jams and loads of tress fallen across the road. When I got to the race they then said they had to delay it for 2 hours as they had to clear the track from trees. We were also concerend about the amount of wet snow that was dropping out of the trees.


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