Impossible is nothing.

Eight years ago, I "rebooted" my life by starting to run.

I lost weight (went from 235 lbs down to 176 lbs) and dramatically changed my diet. At 48 years old, I have climbed Mt Whitney twice, biked hundred of miles and ran 3 marathons, several 5ks, half marathons and to date, two 50Ks.

But my nutrition would always get in the way of my performance. Either I'd bonk, or I'd get sick. My last 50k was an embarrassing DNF. I started to think I was too old for this. That it was impossible for me.

Then I read Eric's Book.  And on a whim, I emailed him. He replied with thorough follow-up questions on my hydration strategy, pre & post race fueling.

This past Saturday, I ran my best race to date. Weather was lousy (freezing rain with temps in the low 40's ), the trail was a slippery, muddy mess but I never stopped smiling. My mental focus was good and my body  felt strong.

And I PR-ed, in spite of a tweaked my ankle about 2 miles from the end.

Don't ever think "this" is impossible. Listen. Learn. Run.

Al "Chris" Bonnemaison.
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  • Great story. I started my better me a year ago and after this summer I'm really motivated. Have also learned to like the more challenging weather conditions. Congrats to your awesome performance so far. Let's climb some more hills :)
  • High five, Lori. I am there with you, then!! :-))

  • Chris- Freudian slip...I almost said "especially awesome conditions" I like yucky conditions. for some reason I feel like that's where I thrive.

  • Thank, Lori!! I think I am starting to enjoy running in lousy weather....weird but fun!

    Eric, these are the two races I have lined up.  

    Calico Trail Run in January

    Sean O'Brien 50 in February

    The ankle is feeling strong, btw.

  • Chris - love it and lets let this be the start of more impossibles.

    What 50K are you signed up for?

    Thanks for sharing your great story and keep us posted on your training.

  • Congratulations! Especially awesome in such condtitions. 

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