Nearing The End of TCI Plan/Race Day Appoaching

Just 5 weeks left until my HM following a season of the TCI training plan. I timed my training so that phase 2, week 9 would be my taper week. I repeated weeks 1-4 of phase 2, similar to suggestions I read from Eric in the forum. I am thinking about changing up my remaining long runs, however, since I have repeated those weeks and am approaching race day. Instead of running rolling hills, I am thinking about running relatively flat routes in HRZ 1-2 and finishing my runs  at half-marathon pace. Thoughts? If I do this, I am not sure if I should finish them all the same (say the last 1/4 of the run) or at increasing lengths up to the week before my race. Any advice or suggestions for my final weeks of training would be much appreciated. This is my second HM, and I am hoping to improve my time of 1:48.

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  • sounds like more race specific runs are a good idea, if you can mimic the course profile/terrain so you can mimic how you will feel on race day is good. Just be sure to allow yourself to taper, sometimes that nervous energy that tapers and the pending race tend to trigger can lead to overzealous runs too close to the race. Save that energy. Eric or someone that does marathons/halfs may be able to advise you on your specific questions.

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