Where's the damn worm?

10059093678?profile=originalHehe...ohhhmyyyy it was tough getting my run on this morning. Most of my posts are about the joys of my long runs and races, and a healthy helping of imagination. One could (falsly) surmise that all my runs are met with eager anticipation and satisfaction. You shoulda seen me this morning. Actually, it started last night...."what?...I have a 2 HOUR run in the morning?", "bu bu but..I work tomorrow", "bu bu but its moooonday" "...bu bu but I'll have to get up at #$%! 4:30am...and still likely be late for work!", "I hate my coach". Lips pooched out I went to bed early, whining.

Then the alarm went off. I thought briefly about ignoring it. I thought, "I could go after work.. ugh...it'll be hot...the kids won't like mommy being gone all day and all eve..." So, I reluctantly got out of bed. Feet stiff and sore and legs tired, "Maybe I'm fatigued and just shouldn't run today".  Debating a headlamp and grabbing 2 water bottles (I don't want to carry) I head out the door. I bring my headphones thinking, "I will def need some motivational tunes". I drop the headlamp on the porch, "I don't care if I can't see, It's too heavy..I don't want to put it on, (snort)". I trot off, "I hate carrying 2 water bottles...why coach?" I get about a mile in and start debating turning around, "I really do think I'm too tired to run"...."Okay...okay...you KNOW you always feel better after 30 min...just give it 30 min, turn your music on".

A light rain starts.  I love running in the rain.  Cloud to cloud lightening and the city lights reflecting off the clouds makes seeing the dirt road a little easier... since I made the intelligent decision not to wear a headlamp at 4:45 in the morning. 30 minutes in, I'm feeling better. "Ok, this isn't so bad...except with both hands occupied with bottles I have nothing to wipe the rain/sweat away from my eyes...hmph....water bottles.  Then I hear the whippoorwhills. I turn my music off, it now seems annoying and distracting. Here come the 6 pack of dogs that always tear after me...they stay up at the house, the rain seems to have depeleted their motivation to eat me.  Wow, it's already been an hour...time to turn around.  

The light rain suddenly turns to loud thunder and flash flooding. Fortunately, only 1 low water bridge that had already been crossed. I completely forget the water bottles, the fatigue, the irritability and I'm running through a warm, intense downpour. Water to my ankles in spots and splish splashing away! No need to drink from my water bottles, the rain running so fast down my face, I simply open mouth and drink. No worries about trying to wipe rain/sweat away....wouldn't do any good! Before I know it, I am done....and feeling good ;)

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  • Lori, I too love running in the rain, not flood waters, rain, :-} and the increased satisfaction that come from knowing most people see the rain and find an excuse!

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