December 23

How many years have you been running?


What is your goal race for the year?

marathon PB

What is your greatest running accomplishment?


What is your "ultimate dream" running goal?

100 mile in under 20 hours

It's been a while.....

Almost forgot about this brilliant community hub, not that  I have forgotten what I have learnt from the Cool impossible though..... still running, still watching the foot strike, leg stance etc......... I feel amazing. 

I am no ultra runner, nor am I fast or super fit.....I don't care......well I say that, I have my aspirations of running a 50 miler in 2016 if my plan works out. Until then, I am just enjoying the run with the dogs, out on the moors and the fields, along canal…

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So, it's been a while since I managed to write, life has been very busy.  I had fallen off the cool impossible path which I had so much enthusiasm and confidence in, mainly because I couldn't stick to the plan set out in the book. 

I am a Critical Care Nurse, I work full time and on my work days I either work 12 hour day or night shifts plus travelling on top..... so basically 06:00-21:00 is an average day. Where can I fit in the training there? 

Well, some times I…

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Day #7

The ups and downs of sugar detox is so unbelievably scary. I never knew how much this stuff affected my moods, my energy and my SLEEP! I am so high at night from energy, I am wired but then I sleep (eventually) and I wake up like I have crude oil for blood in my system. Sluggish, like a snail without a shell.

Irritability, highs and lows, intermittent 'fog-head' mixed with bursts of euphoria and creativity is what I am experiencing. I am so over sugar. It can sod off for…

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So, apparently.........I don't have any core muscles at all! The upper work out was tough man! 

I only managed one set of the minimum reps on each but I am happy as I started to learn how to perform the exercises and I also realised how weak I am in the core. This must be why I often get a sore back after running and from my work (as a Nurse). 

Below is my Blogger blogg link.

My Cool Impossible is in motion! …

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