Overland Park, KS


July 23

How many years have you been running?


What is your goal race for the year?

Lake Perry Rocks 50K (October 2014)

What is your greatest running accomplishment?

Running 1000 miles for Wounded Warrior Project in a year

What is your "ultimate dream" running goal?

To run a 50K

Free State Trail Half Marathon

Free State Trail Half Marathon – Lawrence, KS


Saturday April 19th I ran the Free State Half for the first time. Keeping pace with every other Trail Nerds event I have been involved with this was a challenging and exciting day. At start time the temperature was about 48 degrees but it was going to warm up quickly. I was not focusing on a specific pace or finish time but I still wanted it to be respectable. Typical to my habits, I arrived…

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The vagabond is moving slow

“What you see, well, you might not know
You get the feelin' comin' after the glow
The vagabond is moving slow
So I'll tell you all the story
'Bout the joker and the thief in the night

~Wolfmother – Joker and the Thief~…

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Can I get to the starting line?

After some rough weeks dealing with winter and life I am pleased to say that I think I am coming out more focused. I have also somewhat respectably maintained my training mileage and aside from being tired I feel like I have a good base to build on. I would love to say that I lace up and breeze through my runs but…I am still a regular guy that runs and I accept that. Although I am looking at a pretty aggressive race schedule, for me, I will not be thinking about PR’s or finish times during…

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Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality

"your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality." ~Ralph Marston

Why is it so much easier to question myself than it is to be encouraged? I am finding that almost every time I push myself hard for a race or a long run I am constantly questioning myself. Lately the voices ask; “why have I decided to sign up for this 50K and more importantly why did I tell anyone I was going to do it?” and “It would be so much easier if I kept my big mouth shut to change my plans.” Maybe I just…

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